Monday, May 07, 2007

well, well. went to the shin-diggery at the selby, and boy are my shins tired! no, seriously, they hurt like hell. i shoulnd't have mocked that child's monkey. no huggie, no 'nanner! anyway, the hotdogs were warm, but the sodas were cold. that's good cuz it was kinda hot and sunny out there for a man all dressed in black, and i ain't talkin 'bout no johnny cash. there were tall clowns, small clowns, goofy clowns and even a sad clown or 2. the artists were photoed for posterity. the photos were 'artisted' for posterity(we signed some posters). all said farewell to their clown buds. next sunday is the final auctioning of our beloved 'uncle maccaroni', as well as all of the rest of those clowny so and so's. bon voyagie, hope y'all make some real buckaroos for the erection of a children's hospice facility here in sarasota. it's black tie so i gotta wear a suit. will i shave? only the shadow knows... perhaps a mohawk with an orange stripe. hmm... but, i digress. it'll be a cool todo with lots of clown chatter and philosophical artistic conversation, and hopefully, ( and i dont wanna sound like a spoiled jerk, but, c'mon!) no hotdogs! if i gotta wear a suit, i don't want to eat a hob-nob ( local reference for all u non sarasotans)! much thanks to my incredibly generous sponsor for providing me with a ticket, by the way! here are a few shots of 'uncle mac' at the sunday farewell party. now my good friend jeff and my parents can revel in thier newfound internet fame. well, well, indeed.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

well, much has happened since last we spoke, some good, some not so good. but tomorrow night begins the end of our clown adventure. i will try to take some pictures to share with alla u special folks out there. to get more info on the blessed events, go to for the skinny on the big gala next sunday (mama's day!). as for the event this sunday, all i know is that it starts at 5p.m., and goes til 8p.m. have yer photo taken with uncle mac! you may even get on the webblog! worldwide fame will be yours! see ya sunday...(uh, i mean tomorrow..), peace to all,-s.g.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

unkle macc gets da plaque! that iz righteeo my virtual droogies! uncle maccaroni has been christened with an identity placard of hiz very own! so exciting! here are shots of its installation:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

hizz-igh everbodee! after some requests and due to my completely illegible handwriting, i am asked to tell what is written on the signature side of uncle mac. it is thus: "" Uncle Maccaroni" in realistic 3-d! An homage to: Dan Rice, Emmett Kelly, Bozo, R.Buckminster Fuller, Marcel DuChamp, Jack Dowd, Robert Larsen and Chuck Jones. And for: Lee Nelson Guthrie Jr. Nov 7th., 2006 (signed) Steven Guthrie " enjoy! and thanx for the comments. please feel free to leave mo!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

... and with the addition of a little pigment...viola'! and it's all for da chillins! hooray!

...those bits of clownitude became this...

...a nice lady named 'lynn' liked the drawing, so hospice sent me these, and a few $....

so, ladalees and jellybeans, to recap: we started with a drawing. nuttin too fancy...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

gotta say, i freekin called it! whuttupp pee rain!?! what, was yer wierd uncle a 'birthday party' clown who got a little 'touchy-feely' after a few vodkas? made you feel uncomfortable? dirty? so now those clowns gonna PAY! chee-zuss. whatta loser.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

and, of course it wouldn't be complete without a pic of myself, piously admiring my creation...

finally, uncle maccaroni in his natural habitat: the city hall building at 1st st. and orange av., downtown sarasota.

oh! the drilling. oh! the screwing.

here b unka mac, comin down the ramp to be placed on the pad...

alrighty-odor, here the clown base is being unloaded from said truck by the gentle and courteous folk from hospice.

well, spank my butt and jump for joy! Uncle Maccaroni makes his official debut in front of the city hall on 1st st. near orange av. here he be waiting in the truck with his freshly repaired clown-homies!