Wednesday, August 09, 2006

day 1, gotta stay focused on the task at hand. 1st tings 1st. repirator, lots o' gloves, paper-suit-in-which-to-sweat, glasses, hat, ipod, big honkin fans, tolls, materials, all check. get into gear, get the stinky. says 1% hardener to resin...hmm, no one told me there would be math involved! anyhow, i close my eyes and settle on an amount. about a squirt to blop ratio. mix, mix, mix! keep mixing! ah, ah, ah, still more mixing! about 3 minutes later...your done! now i carefully lay out the back or 'rear' part of the pants onto cardboard strategically placed on the ground. i then take my small bucket of steaming, bubbling ooze and pour it out, alil at a time, and squeegie it thruout the material. ipod crankin now, i lift the pants off the ground and sling them, casually yet gracefully, across our hero's glutious. then i take a staple gun and attempt to staple said pantaloons into place. quite a disaster. the resin was too hard, and the staples couldn't get a purchase. eventually i got the trouserbacks where i wanted them, but not without saying bye-bye to a very nice electric stapler. alas poor stapler, i knew thee well...


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