Thursday, August 10, 2006

i feels like marcel duchamp and bucky fuller all wrapped up into one big creative ball! after saying good bye to my lovely yet practical electric stapler, i wondered (this is me wondering)" just what can i use now to make my life a better place for the world to live in?" then it hit me: a siple drill/driver will probably do the trick! i'm sure i'd seen something like it on mcgiver! so off to home depot i went, credit card in hand and tail betwixt my legs, i humbly shuffled into the tool department. there on the shelf she sat. like a vision of modern utility. a medium priced, corldess, rechargeable electric drill/driver! oh joy! oh rapture! but, of couse, safety first! so i took it home and wrapped it in plastic to keep the sticky mess from stickin to my fine new tool. then, to adhere the pantfront to the sculpture in just the right fashion, i used 1" drywall screws to attach. was tricky at first, but once i gots the hang of it, i was able to finish with a much lower degree of frustration then when the chemistry ate my stapler.


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