Saturday, October 28, 2006

hey everybody! no pix today, but soon ma droogies, soon. no, today i want to address the person or persons who have been commiting the clown-molestation, harlequin-desecration, and over all jester-amputations in my sleepy lil town of sarasota.. for ease of conversation and simplification of terms, i will refer to you (or 'y'all') as 'dipstik'. all others may scroll down and enjoy some fine blogging about making this thoroughly mystifying and aesthetically pleasing clown sculpture i call "uncle maccaroni". ahem. dear dipstik, WTF?! are you some purist art-nazi who thinks these temporary statues somehow bring down the cultural 'property-values' of sarasota? is dick vitale freekin picasso? i don't think so. jerry springer the new mattisse? not likely. and even though i think that some of these pieces were definately 'phoned-in', and may not be as visually pleasing as, say, 'memory walk', or 'unconditional surrender'(sarcasm added), the artists took the time and effort out of their schedules to help raise much needed $$$$$ for the treatment of terminally ill children. so, in effect, the statement that your effort is making, dipstik, is that you don't believe that sick and dying infants and children are worthy of the care and treatment that a children's hospice can provide for them. i try to keep this blog family friendly, but really, dipstik; what an asshole. what do you do in your spare time, try to dry your poodle in the microwave? pull the wings off hummingbirds? roll around in your own feces? don't you understand that the more you vandalize these things, the more hospice has to pay this 'clown dr.' to repair them, and the less $$$ they have to build a new children's facility? and repair them they will! and they will return stronger than they were before. but in the meantime, hospice loses all the funding bucks due to repair costs and beefed up security. whoever did this; i know you will be caught. you know you will be caught. dipstiks like yourself can't help but screw the pooch due to lack of cranial horsepower. so make it easier on all of us and turn yourself(selves?) in. slowly, you can learn to love yourself again, and with love comes forgiveness, and with forgiveness,... the healing can finally begin. so get over it dipstik. if you really want to make a statement, try doing something positive with your energy, like building a hospice for sick and dying kids. just a thought.


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